Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Cushion

$9.99 $7.99

Visco-Gel® Hammer Toe Cushion

  • Relieves Pressure on Toe Tips
  • Supports Bent-Under Toes
  • Helps Prevent Blisters, Corns & Calluses
This special Gel cushion will ease pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses and blisters. Also soothes ball-of-foot pain often associated with hammer, claw or arthritic toe conditions. Gel ring holds cushion in place without adhesives


Small LeftP53-SL4-7
Small RightP53-SR4-7
Medium LeftP53-ML8-106-8
Medium RightP53-MR8-106-8
Large LeftP53-LL11+9+
Large RightP53-LR11+9+